Up And Over 2015

Up And Over 2015

If there’s one thing that #UpAndOver has shown us, it’s that we’re growing.


Around twenty ladies went up and over last Saturday in Archway, with a combination of wall runs, pop vaults and climbs. Spartan racers, parkour class regulars, first-timers, mothers, teenagers – all different, but all strong. We ended the day with a ten-minute attempt to complete as many wall runs as possible, ending up with over 200, followed by a simultaneous wall run.

We weren’t alone. We had invited women everywhere to take part – and you did. Germany, New Zealand, Italy and more – you all joined in. Every video posted to Facebook made us proud.

The number of female parkour practitioners has increased so much within the past few years, and we stick together. The fact that all of you in all these different places came together for this shows that as a community, we are growing not only in numbers but in closeness.

We’re showing the world just how much we can do. We’re standing up against media portrayals of women as passive spectators. We’re reaching out to women who want to have a go at parkour, and we’re supporting each other in training. We’re tackling all walls, and we’re winning.