Thuli in the Evening Standard

Thuli in the Evening Standard

Kate (Thuli) Lamb jumps into the Evening Standard 

shecanTRACE team member, Thuli Lamb also spends her time pretending to be other people. She spoke to the Evening Standard’s Rachael Sigee about why Parkour helps her cope with city life and how she feels about male and female role models within sports and activity.

“I’m pretty much a country girl at heart. I spent my childhood running around and climbing rocks and swimming in the sea. So I’ve always found living in London has felt a little soulless, a little blocked in by concrete. 

“I’ve always thought the city wasn’t for me but now it’s fantastic because I walk around and I’m suddenly seeing possibilities in the streets of London which is really cool.”

“I realised that seeing a man doing something has never made me think I can’t do it.”


She compared parkour to working in television as both are typically male-dominated environments. “Parkour is a male-dominated sphere that I decided to delve into,” she said.

Thuli started Parkour around the same time she started filming for Sunday night BBC drama, Call The Midwife, and regularly had to wear long sleeves so she didn’t leave big scrapes on her forearms while mastering her climb ups. She informs us that her climb ups are better now, and her make-up artists have an easier life. 

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April 17, 2015