Naomi Honey – TraceHer

Naomi Honey – TraceHer

TraceHer – find out what moves the women of Parkour

Name    Naomi Honey184Store-main

Age      36

Profession  Life Coach


I started moving when   I was a kid. I gradually fell away from it in my late teens and was hugely missing it. I found parkour when I was 28 and fell in love instantly.

My training routine is     A bit off the rails at the moment as I’ve been travelling and I’m trying to redevelop a home routine. I’ve never been very organised about training, I just love it so do it! I’m missing it being a really core part of my life right now though so I think I need to get disciplined for a bit to reestablish it…

My favourite place to train is     Outside, in the sun, near greenery. Fountainbleu was probably my favourite ever – jumping around the rocks.

I would say I’m good at  Parkour-wise: Balance, tricksy little flows. Teaching-wise: Making people be kind and positive to and about themselves. SO IMPORTANT! It has a massive impact on your mindset and your parkour.

I would say I’m bad at     Big power, kongs, plyos. Judging my power and capability – I’m often too scared, unable to make myself do things that I can clearly do physically.

On bad days     I’m really stuck by fear on things that, rationally, I fully know I can do. I’m not good a pushing through it, I just get more frustrated and upset with myself. I still need to find a way to get past it. Also my lack of power. That’s largely an issue with work, but I have a knee problem that gives me pain when I do big moves. I need to hit the gym and condition with weights more.

In another life I’d have been     much more of a career woman. I was on that track before I found parkour and feeling really claustrophobic in it. I’m so glad I escaped! Now I’m a life coach and I absolutely love it.

I eat    pretty healthily. I just like it. Too much sweet stuff at the moment though – that needs to go though, I don’t feel good on sugar!

You won’t believe this but     when you stop being mean to yourself, everything’s so so so much easier and happier. Trust me, I’ve run experiments!

I’m still working on     Everything

In ten years     I hope to be training and playing a lot still, with kids, and getting them really active and fearless too.

April 17, 2015