SheCanTrace on Healthista

SheCanTrace on Healthista

Healthista’s Killer Workouts

Christina Pauggerfrom, a women’s health and fitness channel, recently took up Parkour as part of her Extreme Fit discovery of various challenging sports. Christina decided to go on a journey to find out more about the ‘new Extreme’ wave of workouts taking over the UK.

On her list was Parkour, which was her way of reliving her childhood of climbing and jumping on furniture and combining it with a complete body and mind workout. All fun and games.

She met up with PKG’s James Adams for a beginner class, where she was subjected to the usual squats, pushups, and movement training that challenged her abilities. She discovered the thrill of using your whole body to move naturally around obstacles, as well as the thrill of not being able to walk for a few days after.

You can read about her Parkour, bouldering and CrossFit experience here. She even gives SheCanTrace a nice mention – thanks Christina!

And you can watch the video by Healthista below. is a website and community “to make a healthy lifestyle easy, effective and fun. A website run by real women for real women, we pride ourselves on getting you the smart, useful information you need be healthier, happier and more confident every day. Think of us as your healthy best friend, here for you with the inside info you need to look and feel better.”

March 15, 2015