Shirley Takes on Ninja Warrior UK

Shirley Takes on Ninja Warrior UK

Shirley Darlington-Rowat was invited to take on ITV’s Ninja Warrior UK challenge

“It’s the show where everyday heroes of all shapes and sizes take on the world’s toughest obstacle course.” 

And all 5’2” of Shirley Darlington-Rowat took it on, alongside stalwarts of the UK female Parkour world, Fizz Hood and Katie McDonnell. 

The course consists of various insane physical obstacles that prove to be too challenging for the majority of competitors, often leading to their graceless descent into a large body of water. Parkour, with its all-round training style, gives Shirley, Fizz and Katie the ability to adapt and rise to the different challenges they’ll face as they make their way through the competition.


Katie McDonnell nailed the first round of heats, becoming the first woman to complete the course. 

Catch the progress and cheer on the girls at 7pm every Saturday on ITV.

April 17, 2015